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Meagan is an aspiring journalist with experience in both researching and editing. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto. 

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G7 performance on health

The G7’s performance on health falls below the average across all issue areas, but, says Meagan Byrd, chair, summit studies, G7 Research Group, leaders can improve compliance by holding health ministers’ meetings, reaffirming support to international organisations and making binding commitments on global health systems rom the Rambouillet Summit in 1975 to the Biarritz Summit in 2019, the G7 leaders dedicated 49,816 words (8%) to health in their summit documents, averaging 1,107 words per summi

How is the G7 Doing? The Summit’s Commitments in Times of Pandemic

The many skeptics of the annual G7 summit of major market democracies have long doubted that the promises its leaders make together from their sunny summit peak are actually kept when they return to the dark valleys of domestic politics back home. Such skepticism has spiked as US president Donald Trump prepares to host the 2020 G7 summit, amidst a still deadly COVID-19 pandemic and massive economic pain. Yet the latest evidence shows that in the lead-up to US-hosted summit this year, G7 members'

True to its word

China's compliance with its commitments rises, as that of the G7 countries decline The G20 leaders declared that the unprecedented novel coronavirus pandemic is "a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness and vulnerabilities "in their videoconference on March 26. They admirably put health first, as US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro switched their focus from economic growth. This happened 10 days after the G7 leaders called for the G20 "to support and amplify th

Byrd: Virtual Summit Makes a Strong Start on Health in the UK's G7 Presidency

Virtual Summit Makes a Strong Start on Health in the UK's G7 Presidency The G7 Virtual Summit on February 19, 2021, proved to be a substantial success on health. It was hosted by UK prime minister Boris Johnson, who previously announced a five-point plan as a new global approach to health security at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September 2020. The plan seeks to: • Stop a new disease before it starts • Develop the manufacturing capacity for the treatments and vaccines • Cancel

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